About us

Obetta Foundation is a nonprofit organization designed to help under-privileged youth, particularly in Nigeria, gain access to education — including computer and technology skills — and athletic programs.

Our course revolves around building a foundational system of education for talented people, providing a high level technology skills, and professional athletic development programs

We are passionate about our expectations that each child we reach out to will rise to their full potential and realize their God’s given purpose for their lives. This inspires and drives us daily to bring hope to children. We believe in the future of our young needy children. Our work and humanitarian services are prompt and rapid in response when duty calls to reach out and meet the needs of our future generation.

Our outreach programs and charitable interventions, have impacts on lives and families of which mostly are the children faced with ugly situations around us.

We trust to continually bring a lasting Change to Children around us, by giving the less-privileged a better place, access to grow, and develop their talents into greatness. We corporately own the Children, no matter how ugly their situation may be, dirty or untouchable, don’t forget, we own them, and jointly responsible to them. There are children with little or no privileges, some are orphans, some thrown out with no guidance nor care, Some are tagged names, such children need care!

 Let us give them a helping hand!! In essence, we do not overlook or ignore children, especially those indigents. The Obetta Foundation's focus is to give attention to those less privileged that are ignored. They have need of homes, they have need of education, they also have need of things to have fun and play around like other children. As ugly as their situation may be, they have dreams, we are here to help make those dreams come true by giving them a better place and opportunity, this is the core value of OBETTA FOUNDATION.

Our Core Value

Empathy: We are committed to understanding and addressing the needs of less privileged children with compassion and care.

Access: We believe that every child, regardless of socio-economic background, should have access to quality education and sports training.

Equity: We are committed to reducing the achievement gap between privileged and less privileged children and promoting fairness and equality in education and sports.

Collaboration: We believe that partnerships and collaboration are essential to achieving positive change and addressing complex social issues.

Accountability: We are committed to transparency, accountability, and responsible stewardship of all resources, including financial, human, and time.

Innovation: We are open to experimenting with new approaches, technologies, and methods to improve education and sports opportunities for less privileged children.

Community Engagement: We recognize the importance of engaging with and involving the communities we serve, and we are committed to building strong, collaborative relationships with community members.

  • Empathy
  • Access
  • Equity
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Community Engagement

Talented but underprivilege Kids Deserve a Chance!
Support Us to Provide Them One.


Founder's Story

Victor Obetta MSBA ’22 likes hearing ‘no’ — because he believes it always has the power to become a ‘yes’ with hard work and a positive mindset. The philosophy helped him survive on the streets of Nigeria when he was experiencing homelessness and financial difficulties, and it inspired him to create opportunities that led to a master’s degree in business analytics at Bentley.   

“We lived in a community where quality education was believed to be for wealthy people only; my parents were never able to attend school due to living in poverty,” Obetta recalls of growing up in Enugu State, Nigeria. “Soccer and prayers were my escape route.”

our testament

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Obetta Foundation is to grow young talented students, in the future, to instill long-lasting, positive focus values through technology skills, sports, and standard education.

Our Commitment, Our Lampstand

Empowerment through Education & Sports

We are dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged children by empowering them through education and sports. We believe that helping kids discover their full potential through education and sports can have a significant impact on their lives and the society.

Helping Brilliant Minds Succeed: Project Back-to-School

We are passionate about helping as many brilliant underprivileged students as possible succeed in life. Our flagship program, Project Back to School, provides support to underprivileged students by providing access to quality education, mentorship, and resources.

Developing Football Talents

We have a passion for developing talented children and youths interested in having a career in football. Our football development program provides a platform for talented children and youths to hone their skills and pursue their dreams of becoming professional footballers.

Building a Better Future

Ultimately, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of Nigeria by empowering young and smart children and communities through education, sports, and community development initiatives. We believe that by investing in the education and empowerment of our youth, we can build a better future for Nigeria.

Meet The Admin Team

Ours is a dedicated nexus team of achievers, committed to bettering our society by helping the smart minds access more opportunities. At the heart of our operations are:

Victor Obetta

Founder and Team Lead

Collins C. Maduka

Programs Director

Destiny Oriakhi

Creative Strategist

Josh Nwozor

Board Member

Ugwu C. Kevin

Board Member

Talented but underprivilege Kids Deserve a Chance

Support Us to Provide Them One.

Talented but underprivilege Kids Deserve a Chance!
Support Us to Provide Them One.